Day 34: Harry Potter episode 8 [2011]

Right, so that’s the whole octology (which rhymes with proctology) over with.  A recap?  Let’s see… 

Ok, the first two films… I’m sure there was a deus ex machina every fifteen minutes, like all the other films, but I can’t really remember.  They may have been just a lot of prancing about, performing tricks.  

Then there was the Prisoner of Azkaban.  That one was good.  I liked that.  Even if the story was pretty stupid. I mean; Hermione had a time machine that she only used to save some kind of a bird-horse-thing?  Why didn’t they just timewarp back to whenever and knock off that Tom Riddle?  That way we wouldn’t have to watch all these movies.  Anyway, I guess Rowling, by the way, does she exist now?  Did we sort that one out?  

Anyway, I guess she came to realize how stupid it was having a time machine in these movies, because it was shoved firmly under the carpet in time for the next film, which was HORRIBLE! It was three hours worth of sports and dancing fercryinoutloud!  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?

And then, lets see… 5 and 6….  hm… nope.  gone.  I remember at some point I felt there was a book missing, because I had no idea what was going on.  Oh, and Hermione became legal!  That always makes for a better film.

7 had lots of pyro, I think.  That always makes for a better film.  

And number 8 had lots of death.  That always makes for a better film.

Title: The whole Harry Potter thing
Director: Err… a bunch of people.  Look it up.
Note to self:   Engorgio Erecto.
Score: 2/6 – 5/6
Drink of the day:   Kusmi