Sargeant Rutledge [1960]

Sargeant Rutledge
John Ford

Pretty dull movie, man. I love me a good court room drama, but in this one, all the testimonies fade to flashbacks. And I don’t love flashbacks. In the opening minutes of the trial, the court was persuaded to not read the charges, due to their heinous nature or somesuch nonsense. That’s about the cheapest dramaturgical trick I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ll give it a creativity point for that one.

Miles Ahead [2015]

Miles Ahead
Don Cheadle

With the theoretical perfect IMDB-score of 6.7, I went to the movies with some expecations. But having read about the budget of three hundred fourty-four shiny federation-dollars, I also went to the movies with some reservations.
In what we should really call Don Cheadle’s “proper” directorial debut, he doesn’t quite miss the mark, but then he doesn’t quite hit it either.
I won’t deduct points for… artistic license. I definitely won‘t deduct points for being a pretty standard blaxploitation flick.  Wait, on second thought, that’s not true.  I’ll deduct a negative point for that.

Allegedly, the working title was “Kill the Trumpet Player”.