Foodly: Bringing the B

Or really bringing the T, I guess.

I’ve been making my own sauce bearnaise since forever, and I like to think I’ve gotten quite adept at it.  In the sense that I’ll get it done without the curdled horror show ten times out of ten.  But I’ve never been satisfied.  I’ve just not managed to get enough tarragon oomph going.

But never again, shall I serve up the bearnaise of inferiority.  Time for some experiments.

Attempt #1: Tarragon-infused butter.

250g unsalted butter and 3 tablespoons of dried tarragon ziplock-bound:

Sous vide butter: 60°C for 14 hours

I got bored with waiting after only 6 hours.  A certain effect is already noticeable.  Green bearnaise should be fun!

Today’s tuesday. Dinner is saturday, so my green butter will go in the fridge to…. let’s call it mature.

To be continued…