The Big Short [2015]

The Big Short
Adam McKay

Weird film. It’s like McKay went around saying “Oh, I know! What if we try this! That’s innovative!”, which is not a bad thing itself, except it doesn’t work. At all. I mean, at one point Harley Quinn showed up, in the bath tub, drinking champagne, and explained through the fourth wall that “subprime” means “bad”, and then told us to fuck off. If only she would have explained what shorting is (which I admit probably wouldn’t help anyway, as I’ve already been explained several times, and the only thing I take away from it is that it’s some kind of institutionalized assholism),  I could at least sit here for two hours watching a movie about something I knew what was.

But yeah, it’s only a movie about the worst financial crisis of our age. Of course we’re gonna get the guy behind Ron Burgundy to do it.

Steve Carell was very good, though.

All said, as entertainment, it wasn’t bad, but I didn’t feel I learned anything.

Three out of six… Could do better–much like this review.