King Kong [1976]

King Kong
John Guillermin


It’s like the original, only more stupid. And more longer. And it makes absolutely no sense. Why does nobody care where the girl came from? Why is the girl suddenly in love with the monkey, suddenly ready to marry Alan-1, just because why not? Why does Jeff Bridges always know everything the audience sees, even if he wasn’t there? Why do they let a stow-away lead rescue missions into the jungle? This whole fucking movie is just completely random! A seriously rotten, horrible mess; People changing motives from one scene to the next with no explanation, characters suddenly just being there in the story with zero introduction, central characters behaving completely erratic and irrasional..  I mean…. Come on people! Jeezes!

Now I’m not overly confident that the reremake is going to best the original (for only the seond time in recorded history), but it’s got to be better than this hateful piece of trash!

Don’t let me down, Pete!