Day 18: Kingdom of Heaven [2005]

Another one of those two-parters because I fell asleep halfway through. Anyway; the film is just a load of crusading nonsense.  Lots of violence, though.  But enough of that.  I have to tell you about this brilliant episode of Midsomer Murders I came across, called A Picture of Innocense.  In it, a bitter feud between the Digital Camera Club and the Film Photography Society frames a murder, and serves up the most delightful quotes.

“Cameras don’t lie.  People do.  People with computers.”

  Watch it!  The whole thing’s on youtube.

My hair! My hair!
Would it be worse or better with a room temperature sword?

Hey, Legolas.  Did you see that sci-fi show I did?

Title: Kingdom of Heaven
Director: Ridley Scott
Lasting impression:  
Score: 6/10
Drink of the day: Coca Cola
You must be the Darkman now, Legolas.

Day 16: Star Trek Into Darkness [2013] – Third time’s the charm

I finally managed to watch the whole thing without falling asleep, and let me tell you one thing: it’s clearly the worst Star Trek movie ever.  Star Trek is supposed to be really boring and tedious, filled with annoying aliens.  This is none of those things.  It’s brilliant! Lots of action, pretty ladies, Robocops, Dredds, Sherlocks, Avatars, non-drama drama, overdone lens flare…  Highly recommended. Unless you love Star Trek, I guess.

Title: Star Trek Into Darkness
Director: Jay-Jay
Always remember:   KHAAAAN!
Score: 8/10
Drink of the day: Tea, Earl Gray, hot.




Day 9: Attack The Block [2011]

 I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but boy, was my skepticism ever turned to, well, to enthusiasm?  Answer: Yes! Attack The Block is a good old-fashioned alien horror flick echoing long lost terrors of The Thing, War Of The Worlds and Cujo, in which a pack of criminal teenagers get chased by a pack of murderous space monkeys for an hour and a half, amidst a healthy helping of blood, guts and fireworks. Marvellous!

Title: Attack The Block
Director: Joe Cornish
For the scrapbook:   The teeth!
Score: 8/10
Drink of the day: …I forgot to hydrate!