#118 ½: Running Scared [2006]

Oh man, what a crap.  I’m so tired of movies where everyone’s an over the top tough guy.  Where gratuitous violence and sex exists, not because violence and sex is fun, but to be edgy and outrageous.  I had to throw in the towel after about 40 minutes.

Title: Running Scared
Director: Wayne Kramer
Satisfaction:   Couldn’t get no.
Score: 1/6
Drink of the day:   Iced tea.

#116: Man of Steel [2013]

I think I’m coming to a realization about super hero movies, at least in their usual format.  I think maybe, they fundamentally don’t work.  The problem is, I suspect, that the superiority inherent in the super hero’s super powers tips the power balance in favour of the hero, to such an extent that any conflict drawn out to movie length feels contrived.  Superman should, basically, be able to waltz in and just fix whatever shadyness is afoot.

It’d work perfectly in a TV show: setup, execution, resolution. Bam, twenty minutes gone, time to hit the crapper.  But in order to fill feature length (and these days they won’t stop at that — Man of Steel clocks in at 142 depressing minutes), they somehow have to level the playing field, so the writers will resort either to super powered bad guys (like Man of Steel) or they’ll inhibit the hero’s super powers (like yesterdays disabled Iron Man suit — to some extent also done in Man of Steel).  

And the problem with those tricks is that they mean the super hero is no longer super powered in the context of the conflict of the hour(s). Much of Man of Steel is like watching a judo match.  Man of Iron from day past was like watching those films where someone were chasing Matt Damon. Anyway, my point: super hero movies don’t work.  I think.

Now of course it should be perfectly possible to make a good super hero movie, you’ll say,  with proper character development, inner conflicts, interesting dilemmas and dialogue and yada yada yada, but that’d mean they’d have to make a properly, actually good movie that just happened to be about super heroes, and that… well, I’d like that.

Title: Man of Steel
Director: Zack Snyder
Re-cast of the year:   Marlon Brando / Fightin’ round the world
Score: 1/6
Drink of the day:   Milk, precious milk.

#111: Pacific Rim [2013]

Good when it’s good, but…  You’ve all seen Rocky, right?  Rocky 1, I mean…  You know that montage where Rocky works out, runs up some stairs, that whole thing?  Imagine that scene is an hour and fifteen long.
The normal length director’s cut should be brilliant!

Title: Pacific Rim
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Could’ve been worse:   They could have based the other half on the bitching scene from Rambo.
Score: 50%
Drink of the day:   CC


#110: Resident Evil: Extinction [2007]

Title: Resident Evil
Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Thank you:   For resisting the urge to overexplain every little tidbit.
Score: 4/6
Drink of the day:   Ice cream

Reheat yesterday’s minestrone.
Strain off the liquid, reduce, add tinned tomatoes, reduce.
One beaten egg goes into the solid bits.
That wasn’t enough.  One more. Unbeaten, just to change it up.
Still not thick enough.  Maybe some cous-cous will sort it.
Yes, much better. Fill cannelonis with resulting mess.
Oh noes! All my cheesy sauce slid off!
Guess I’ll eat it anyway.